Saturday, May 12, 2018

Webservice API performance testing using JMETER

Webservice API performance testing using JMETER 

Hello friends,
In our last session we learn about what is web services. Now we will learn about hot to do performance of web services using JMETER.  Let's get some info about JMETER.

What is JMETER / Information about JMETER 

JMETER is project of APACHE. We can use JMETER  for load testing to analyse and measure performance of multiple  services and protocols. 

For which protocols / services we can use JMETER 

JMeter can be used as a unit-test tool for JDBC database connections
1- FTP,
2- LDAP,
3- Webservices,
4- JMS,
5- HTTP,
6- generic TCP connections 
7-OS native processes

we will go Step by step and will learn below topics

1- Creating Test Plan
2- Adding HTTP Manager
3- Adding New  Thread Group
4- Adding HTTP Request
5- Adding Listeners
6- Running Load Test
7- Understanding Reports
8- Passing variable data in Request
9- Parsing JSON response and Saving / storing in CSV
10- Configuring JSON Extractor to Parse JSON Response
11- End to End Business logic automation and Performance testing using  JMETER

Saturday, May 5, 2018

How API -Web service works

 How API works 

Before to start working on API testing we need to understand with example HOW API  /WEBSERVICE WORKS ?  Have a look on below diagram you will understand HOW API / Webservice works