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What is RESTful web services

What is RESTful web services

RESTful web services are built to work best on the Web. Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style used for the same . In the REST architectural style, data and functionality are considered resources and are accessed using Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs), typically links on the Web. it is a typically HTTP. In the REST architecture style, clients and servers exchange representations of resources by using a standardized interface and protocol

list of web service protocol

Below is the list of web service protocol

    1-BEEP - Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol
    2-E-Business XML
    6-REST-compliant Web services
    7-SOAP - outgrowth of XML-RPC, originally an acronym for Simple Object Access Protocol
    8-Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI)
    9-Web Processing Service (WPS)
    10-WSCL - Web Services Conversation Language
    11-WSFL - Web Services Flow Language (superseded by BPEL)
    12-XINS Standard Calling Convention - HTTP parameters in (GET/POST/HEAD), POX out
    13-XLANG - XLANG-Specification (superseded by BPEL)
    14-XML-RPC - XML Remote Procedure Call

There are a number of web services that use markup languages

There are a number of web services that use markup languages. For testing purpose and for our this

 "Api Testing step by step tutorial" 

 We are going to use only REST. 
3.Web template
4.Web Services Description Language (WSDL) from the W3C
5.XML Interface for Network Services (XINS) provides a POX-style Web service specification format
6.Web Services Conversation Language (WSCL)
7.Web Services Flow Language (WSFL) (superseded by BPEL)
9.Representational state transfer (REST) versus remote procedure call (RPC)

API -Webservices testing Step by step

API-Web Service  testing step by step

In the field of information technology technologies are daily changing. It's needed to keep yourself updated with latest one. So I am sharing my knowledge of API testing. Basically we need to start from scratch understanding you are beginner in web service testing.

We will cover all required points step by step. Let's start

      1. 1.What is Web services 

        2.Web service that uses markup language  

        3.List of Web service Protocols

        4.What is RESTful Web Service 

What is Web Service -API

What is Web Service-API?

Web service is standard way to create communication between client and server application over internet. It is way of communication between two stand alone application to share information among them irrespective of their architecture and framework

In above  diagram there is Client and Web service . Web services sends request to client to get required information and client sends appropriate response to web service with requested information.

Another example to understand in simple web service . Suppose you have a website where you wish to show weather report in your website but instead of developing everything you can use a data from existing website where weather forecast is already developed. Now you can use that weather data using API in your website.

I would like to tell another simple real time example for webservice here. Suppose you went to Hotel and there is kitchen now here there is a mediator who takes your order and pass it to kitchen to prepare food and once food is prepared mediator takes your ordered food from kitchen to you. In this scene Mediator plays role of API - Webservice.