Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sample Test case format in Excel sheet

Starting of testing first time it is need to know how to write test case. Easy to use and Easy to Understand. Many organization now days started to use of  HP Quality center for test case writing Execution and complete testing process . Some organization use Opensource tools like Testlink , also some organization use basic approach is to use of Excel sheet. It's very simple way to start with testing. Here i am prescribing simple format of test case in Excel

Download Sample Test case format in Excel 

Below are the details of simple software test case format 

Project Name :-  Here logical have to write project name . 
Test Case ID :-   It's require to easily identify test case and providing unique id to each test case
Test Case Name :- Name of Test case
Test Priority:-  It's always good to give test case priority. So in case we need to run test cases only high level or priority base then it would be easy.
Product / Module Name:-  Here you can mention Product name or module name. Logically there may be many modules or application in project to test so its easy to categorize test case for specific module.
Description :- You can write detail description about test case and Functionality going to test
Prerequisite :- In every testing there may be some prerequisite need to be completed without it test cannot be performed. It's good to mention prerequisite in test case so executor can verify prerequisite before starting of execution of test case

This is all about header level of test case. Now we will see about detail test case columns 

Step number :- Logically it starts from number 1 its just a step number to identify each step
Test step :- Details about step 
Test data :- Test data is data which is required for testing . E.g- step is Enter user name then test data ill be username "ABCD"
Expected Result :-  Result expected after performing respected step
Actual result :-  Actual result received after performing respected step
Pass/ Fail :- It's status based on actual and expected result. status need to update
Defect ID :- If test case is fail then need to log defect  you can mention defect id here 
Notes :-   Here you can add notes