Friday, October 25, 2013

Example High Priority High Severity Bug

As I have near about 5+ years experience in software testing i realized that setting correct priority and severity is necessary to overcome on bug. That's the reason many times people face this question" Please give the example of High priority and High severity Bug" . Reason behind it to find out person is able to set severity and priority. There are 4 combinations of Severity and priority. 

  1. High Priority and High Severity
  2. High Priority and Low Severity
  3. Low Priority and Low Severity
  4. Low Priority and High Severity

Example for High Priority and High Severity :-

 Suppose there is ATM Machine hope everyone is aware of ATM ma machine which is used for banking transactions. If ATM machine has bug like when user withdraw money from same bank ATM for which he is holding bank account, He is getting charged by 20 rs per transaction. Which is invalid as bank policy says withdrawing money from owns bank ATM no charge will be applied.

So this bug is high priority  because Bank is charging 20 rs per transaction for own ATM which is opposite to business logic. 

and bug is high severity this bug need to resolved immediately because thousands of user withdraw money per hour so it cost high.  

  1. Example for High Priority and Low Severity Bug
  2. Example for Low Priority and Low Severity Bug
  3. Example for Low Priority and High Severity Bug

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