Friday, October 25, 2013

Example for High Priority and Low Severity Bug

Example 1) Next example is about  High Priority and Low Severity Bug. Here we take example of Everyone remind the logo or Suppose while updating by mistake they updated the wrong logo with spell missing like here 'o ' is missing . It should be Now here bug is High Priority and Low Severity Bug Because

This bug is High Priority- is company logo and mistake in company logo need to resolve on high priority to keep brand.

This bug is Low Severity- As its just spelling mistake then impact on  user is not much high.

Example 2)

Suppose there is ATM machine. Every one use ATM machine for daily transactions.
When you visit ATM machine sometime you may see advertisements from bank on festival season. Suppose on 2nd Oct on occasions of Gandhi jayanti (Last date to do saving is 3rd oct) bank is giving 0.5% extra (basic 5 % + additional 0.5%= 5.5%) additional interest for senior citizens on savings. This advertisement need to flash on or before 3rd oct. Suppose you visited ATM on 4th Oct morning and still you are seeing this add and date displaying in advertisement is 3rd oct last date to do savings.

Here priority is high as advertisement is flashing on multiple ATMs after end of date to do savings. and Impact is not much as date displaying in  advertisement 3rd oct
 means scheme is already over so severity is low . So need to stop this advertisement on priority.

so this is one of example of high priority and low severity
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