Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What is Need of Software Testing

As moving to next topic we need to understand what is need of software testing?
Here i like to give a daily life example so you can easily understand need of testing?  Think in your mind what you do when you go to market place to buy Vegetables?

First you look for Good vendor
Then you look for Freshness of Vegetable
Then you look for Price of Vegetable

These are certain parameters there you check before buying vegetables. There is  important scenario here

Freshness of Vegetable and Quality of Vegetable 

 While manually checking for Freshness and quality of vegetable you actually doing testing of Product. If freshness is less then you move towards next vendor. Same happen in Software development process. If software doesn't meet customers requirements with quality then it impacts on organization value in Market and also business. That's why software testing  is important process in Software Development life cycle.  I like to write here a some imp words " Customers satisfaction makes Money "

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