Saturday, September 15, 2012

Simple Free Bug Tracking Tool

Hi, While working with my first job, There were no any bug tracking tool used before. Its very important to use any bug tracking tool either free or either Paid. Before using any bug tracking tool we were using excel sheet. But it get very difficult to track and maintain these bug found records. While doing R & D on net first tool i got is Microsoft Access Database Bug Tracking tool. Its free tool to use and easy to use.  Below I'll give all details about downloading this tool to installing and using . Just follow below steps and comment me your reviews.

Requirement Microsoft Access 2007
XP Operating system

1- Go to this link and download Microsoft Bug tracking tool Click Here to go Download Link

2- Click on First "Desktop Issue Tracking
     Say Download and complete download process
3- Open downloaded file naming "TS001225348"
     Microsoft access will get open
4- Ar right bottom  Access will ask you for creating database Click on button "Create" and create database.
5- After creating database you will get access scree like this

6-  By default some options are disabled . Click on option button and select option Enable and say Ok

7-  By doing above steps you can easily install and configure. Simple Access bug tracking tool.
     Now below steps will guide you about adding bug.
     Click on "Navigation Pane" Left Side of Screen
     Click on Contact (Highlighted form)

8-  It is first step to create contact list before entering bugs in tracking system
     Click on Contact Details you will get "Contact details" Form

9- Save Contact and click on Issue details form to  Start adding bugs
     After clicking on Issue details form you can see form like this
10- Enter Issue Title , Assigned To, Opened by, Opened date, Due date, Priority, Status, Category, Attachment, Comments and Description after entering all this click on "Save and New" and Enter New Bug .

11- I will tell you some important things while entering bug.
       Assigned to- this list will appear when you already entered all contacts
       Opened by- this list will appear when you already entered all contacts
       Opened date- it will be same as system date
       Due date- date to solve bug
       Priority:- By default it will show you only 3 priorities Low , Normal, High
       Status:- By default it will show Active, Resolved and Close
       Category:- You have to edit this just click on category you will see a pencil option below to category       click on that pencil and you will get popup showing 3 default categories make categories as you want.
       Attachment :- Click on attachment you will get popup and you can add screenshot of bug or any file related to bug.

This is the simple process to use this Free  Bug Tracking tool

How to Generate Bug Report
 Now i am explaining tips to generate reports

 After entering bug in bug tracking tool its important to generate report. Generating Bug report is easy in this  Just right click on Issue details> Select Export> Select Export type  word, excel, pdf  etc.  have look on below image for better understanding.

Above report is generated for Issue details . Same way you can generate issue reports for Open issues and Closed and issue, and other type issue listed there. There is other way to check  bug logged user wise do the below steps.
Open Contact Form- Choose user for which you want to check assigned bugs. Now click on tab Assigned Issues, and you will get list off assigned issues by user.

This is how i did R & D of this first bug tracking tool in my first job. I used this access bug tracking tool  and still using this.

In next chapter we will see another tool ... If anything is missing or need to update please update me in comment so i can make needful changes and make this article better. Thanks 

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