Monday, September 10, 2012

My Start of Software Testing.

In 12 slandered my father bought me a Computer till then we were using cyber cafes to know computer and to understand. Most of times we use it for gaming although i was kid. I had having interest in computing so i took admission in BCA after my 12th. In my family there are some peoples from IT industry like my cousin Dinesh Velhal . Same like others I got Idea about Software testing from him. I read much about in on net understand and i got interest in software testing. after completing BCA i joined Software testing course in Pune based IT Training institute. Teachers were good and Expert so i learned much good there. And that's the entry of mine in Software industry. My first job was at call center as there were recession in IT industry but suddenly i got a job in  a small IT company on Educational website. I worked there near about  2.5 years simultaneously i did MCA .Now working for CMM 3 level company for a Client. I learned much from these companies. I need to do much R & D there for Open source tools implementation. In some i got success to implement and use and in some I am still trying. I am sharing here my Experiences and knowledge gained so new testers can easily use and understand Testing. You people can post your questions in Comment area i ll do best to give you betters solutions. Thanks

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