Saturday, September 15, 2012

Simple Free Bug Tracking Tool

Hi, While working with my first job, There were no any bug tracking tool used before. Its very important to use any bug tracking tool either free or either Paid. Before using any bug tracking tool we were using excel sheet. But it get very difficult to track and maintain these bug found records. While doing R & D on net first tool i got is Microsoft Access Database Bug Tracking tool. Its free tool to use and easy to use.  Below I'll give all details about downloading this tool to installing and using . Just follow below steps and comment me your reviews.

Requirement Microsoft Access 2007
XP Operating system

1- Go to this link and download Microsoft Bug tracking tool Click Here to go Download Link

2- Click on First "Desktop Issue Tracking
     Say Download and complete download process
3- Open downloaded file naming "TS001225348"
     Microsoft access will get open
4- Ar right bottom  Access will ask you for creating database Click on button "Create" and create database.
5- After creating database you will get access scree like this

6-  By default some options are disabled . Click on option button and select option Enable and say Ok

7-  By doing above steps you can easily install and configure. Simple Access bug tracking tool.
     Now below steps will guide you about adding bug.
     Click on "Navigation Pane" Left Side of Screen
     Click on Contact (Highlighted form)

8-  It is first step to create contact list before entering bugs in tracking system
     Click on Contact Details you will get "Contact details" Form

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What is Need of Software Testing

As moving to next topic we need to understand what is need of software testing?
Here i like to give a daily life example so you can easily understand need of testing?  Think in your mind what you do when you go to market place to buy Vegetables?

First you look for Good vendor
Then you look for Freshness of Vegetable
Then you look for Price of Vegetable

These are certain parameters there you check before buying vegetables. There is  important scenario here

Freshness of Vegetable and Quality of Vegetable 

 While manually checking for Freshness and quality of vegetable you actually doing testing of Product. If freshness is less then you move towards next vendor. Same happen in Software development process. If software doesn't meet customers requirements with quality then it impacts on organization value in Market and also business. That's why software testing  is important process in Software Development life cycle.  I like to write here a some imp words " Customers satisfaction makes Money "

Simple Defination of Software Testing

Before starting about Software Testing. I like to introduce you about Definition of Software Testing. I am not using here a bookish definition of Software testing. I am using simple definition of software testing in my own words.

Definition of Software Testing:-
Software testing is process in which we find for bugs which may harm system or software and cure them so can build confidence in System / software. And deliver a Quality product to End customer.

This is simple definition of software testing  I am used and using  this definition  in interviews also. Easy to remind and easy to understand.

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Start of Software Testing.

In 12 slandered my father bought me a Computer till then we were using cyber cafes to know computer and to understand. Most of times we use it for gaming although i was kid. I had having interest in computing so i took admission in BCA after my 12th. In my family there are some peoples from IT industry like my cousin Dinesh Velhal . Same like others I got Idea about Software testing from him. I read much about in on net understand and i got interest in software testing. after completing BCA i joined Software testing course in Pune based IT Training institute. Teachers were good and Expert so i learned much good there. And that's the entry of mine in Software industry. My first job was at call center as there were recession in IT industry but suddenly i got a job in  a small IT company on Educational website. I worked there near about  2.5 years simultaneously i did MCA .Now working for CMM 3 level company for a Client. I learned much from these companies. I need to do much R & D there for Open source tools implementation. In some i got success to implement and use and in some I am still trying. I am sharing here my Experiences and knowledge gained so new testers can easily use and understand Testing. You people can post your questions in Comment area i ll do best to give you betters solutions. Thanks