Friday, October 25, 2013

Example of low priority and high severity bug

This is the best example for low priority and high severity bug. Lest's think there is Banking application who gives interest of rs 2 for every 1000 rs in account on the last day of year. Means on last day of year 31.12.YYYY the bank will deposit 2 rs interest for every 1000rs in account. Now bank found a bug that instead of 2 rs application giving interest of 4 rs for every 1000 rs in account. Means due to bug interest is going double.

This bug is high severity - Due to bug interest is going double and bank may have thousands of accounts, So it will not be profitable for bank.

This bug is Low priority  - Depositing interest is happen on last day of year so if its beginning of year like January then there is lot of time to solve this bug .
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amruta bidwai said...

Best Examples!......... It Clears all concept about severity & Priority!

chandan singh chauhan said...

Get youe answers at

patel pragnesh said...

Thank's Dear Sir This Is Best $ Good Example For Testing Concept

ricky jindal said...

If there is dependent module ?
Then priority will be low .?

If I would have been customer(bank) then probably I don't allow to take as granted low priority.

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